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We are an engineering company that harmonizes hardware and software solutions in order to
make mainstream tech solutions possible for small businesses

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When you need a solution quickly produced, you can rely on us. With our expertise and dedication, we can provide you a custom solution while respecting deadlines.

Right Mix

Keeping track of emerging new technology is our job. We have the right mix of design, development and support to provide forward-thinking solution.


Our team is highly experienced in software and hardware design. We bring the knowledge that we have gained in industry to deliver solutions to your specific problem.


We can adapt to the changes in the design intent smoothly. We listen to our customers and design accordingly. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.


Remote Coolant Heater Starter

Have you ever imagined starting your coolant heater from the comfort of your home at -40C?

Our remote coolant heater starter solution, will give you the comfort you desire when the temperatures outside drop below freezing.

With our remote coolant heater solution you will be able to start the coolant heater a couple hours before starting your truck. This will ensure that the engine block of your truck will be at a warmer temperature for an easy start. As a result, you will eliminate possible damage to your engine caused by cold starts.

Electronic Bill of Lading(BOL) Solution

Eliminates any data quality issues that you may have with the paper BOL. You can analyze the data to create organizational efficiencies and create reports to keep track of productivity.

Management, Accounting, Dispatch and Driver all connected with seamless interface. Well defined rights makes sure that no steps are missed for complete process.

Tracking the status of each driver has never been easier. Each step of the driver is visible to the dispatch. BOL tickets are immediately available upon submission.

Tank Trailer Digital Pressure Gauge

Avoid the stress of damaged tanks due to over/under pressure!

Our digital gauge has 2 alarm points for over and under. These alarms to warn the driver of a possible problem with the venting system.

It has been a challenge to eliminate the excessive over and under pressure in tank trailers. With Digital Pressure Gauge, the operator will be notified of pressure going beyond the predetermined values. Therefore, unnecessary pressure relief valve operation will be avoided. This will reduce the equipment down time as well as possible harm to personnel.

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